Breakdown. It's an ugly word. No one wants to think about it. No one wants
to experience it. No one wants to pay out of pocket to make it go away.
When the unexpected happens, Universal has a plan for that.  Ask about equipment protection to offered by several of our Carriers. After all, accidents happen. Peace of mind is planned in advance.  Where others leave gaps,
we  offer protection.

Homeowner policies do not all provide the same protection. In fact, very few cover the costly mechanical and electrical equipment that keep a home operational, comfortable and secure. That's a big gap in coverage, especially since equipment failures are more common than fire losses.  Enhance your Homeowner's Policy to include Equipment Protection. This unique coverage protects the home's most vital systems from potential losses -- even damage that wouldn't typically be covered under warranty or maintenance contract.

Losses arising from electrical arcing & mechanical breakdown are covered
including those due to:

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* Line surges
* Owner error
* Centrifugal force
* Short circuits
Plan now for the unexpected..