Nevada insurance commissioner warns consumers
of healthcare scams

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Nevada Insurance Commissioner Scott Kipper is issuing a warning about insurance scams. Scam artists are going door to door in other states,
claiming to sell insurance "necessitated by the federal government's
health insurance reform." Sellers are offering time-limited policies
with limited benefits, and are using high-pressure tactics to get
people to buy.

Kipper is urging Nevadans to be careful, adding that the federal government has never sold insurance door to door, and that although insurance companies will likely be changing their policies to reflect the changes in health care insurance nationwide, legitimate companies will be contacting their customers by mail-- not door to door.

"Contact our office with any concerns," Kipper said. "There may be changes necessitated by the federal government, and those plan changes will likely kick in later this fall."

You may contact the Nevada Insurance Commissioner's office at (775) 687-4270, or all our office for more information on how to stay safe.
Page Last Updated: Wednesday April 7, 2010 3:59pm PDT