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Personal Insurance Review -
At  The Davis Group, we  can "re-shop" your insurance at any time with over 20 Top Rated companies, such as Progressive, MetLife, Travelers, and The Hartford.

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Your coverage should be as unique as you are.  That's why we work
with you to choose from over 400 products and features to create your  "Personalized Protection Package"

It's not just life. Or auto. Or home.
It's your Personalized Protection  Package. The perfect combination for You, Your Family, and Your Business.
- Updating your current contact information and preferences
- Identifying changes in your insurance needs due to lifestyle changes 
- Gathering information about your important or major purchases
- Recognizing gaps/overlaps in coverage to ensure proper protection

- Discovering current or upcoming changes to your property
- Informing you of ways to save money through eligible discounts
- Education surrounding ways to better shield all your belongings,  
  property, and your family's financial well being.
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Personal Insurance Review
Insurance is more than just the policy itself.  We look forward to providing you with dependable protection and service.

That's why earning your trust and bringing value to your insurance needs is our Policy.
A Personal Insurance Review is an opportunity for you and your agent to work together to make sure your insurance program is up-to-date based on your individual needs and the changes happening in your life, for example;