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Like most insurance policies, we have some exclusions that help keep your premiums low. These include: hereditary conditions*, elective procedures, congenital conditions, pet foods, grooming, behavioral problems, and medical conditions that are present prior to the policy effective date. Certain conditions and circumstances are not covered.                        
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You can be reimbursed hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year for eligible expenses for your pet's veterinary office visits, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, surgeries, and prescriptions. Your Policy will outline exactly how much coverage you'll have with our benefit schedule, which clearly shows how much reimbursement is available toward your pet's medical procedures and condition. Plans cover chronic and recurring conditions that are not pre-existing at enrollment, at no extra charge.
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Limited coverage available after one year of coverage with the Major Medical Plan—$250 annually toward the diagnosis or medical treatment and $500 annually for surgical treatment.