VALUABLES - Jewelry - Artwork - Furs - Guns - Collectibles -
Are your most valuable possessions protected from loss?  Your possessions are worth a lot to you, especially ones that reflect your personal interests and taste.  Expensive jewelry? Home theater systems? Your total property limit coverage may not be enough to fully replace those items.

At The Davis Group, we work hard to protect the valuables you've worked hard to acquire with various policy options.  Call our agents for the details!

Two Ways For You To Protect Your Valuables:

Valuable Items Plus endorsement  provides a blanket of coverage that builds on a basic Homeowners policy. This endorsement can be added to any homeowners, condominium or renters policy.
No Deductible - Insures against all risks (subject to a few common exclusions)
Limits up to $50,000 with $10,000 per article

Personal Articles Floater provides even more comprehensive coverage than the Valuables Items Plus endorsement. The Personal Articles Floater is the right coverage for you if you wish to protect items that have been carefully selected and whose values exceed the limits of either a Homeowners policy or a Valuable Items Plus endorsement.   Valuable items that may need additional protection: Jewelry, Cameras, Computers, Unique Collections, Artwork, Musical Instruments, Golf Equipment, and Silverware. 
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